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Pitched roofs luton

Pitched Roofs Luton

What is a pitched roof?

A pitched roof is one that slopes downwards from a central position. Traditional pitched roofs are even on both sides of the central position, but these days pitched roofs are available in different locations and various angles. This helps to accommodate diverse house types. Some examples of pitched roofs include mono, couple, and collar pitched roofs.

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The ‘pitch’ of the roof is the angle of the roof’s slope; this distinguishes it from a flat roof that slopes less than 10 degrees. The pitch of the roof is a measure of its steepness which is taken as the vertical rise divided by the horizontal span. This is sometimes called the gradient and tends to be between 24 and 50 degrees.

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There are various types of pitched roofs to accommodate different structures. A mono-pitch, for instance, is one that slopes only on one side of a building. It was traditionally used to create extensions and is still used for that purpose today. A couple of pitches are the most common types of pitched roof, with two timber beams leaning against each other at the top.

The benefits of a pitched roof

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A pitched roof gives you lots of options in terms of style. You can have a mono-pitch, a couple-pitch, and many more. Combine these different styles on your property to create a home that looks interesting from the outside, gives you plenty of loft space, and functions well in all weathers.

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Pitched roofs are also excellent for insulation, far better than flat roofs on balance. Pitched roofs are around 10-15% more compact than flat roofs, which reduces the surface area exposed to the outside and saves you money on your energy bills. There are several efficient insulation options you can also choose from.

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Heat rises and gets lost through the ceiling and the roof. It also gets lost through the windows and doors but a pitched roof can’t help with that. A structure’s envelope is responsible for around 30% of total heat loss, but a pitched roof allows better ventilation which traps heat and lowers your power bills.

Why use LP Roofing Services for your pitched roofs

LP Roofing is an independent roofing company that’s been installing pitched roofs for over twelve years. There is a great deal of experience and professionalism that goes into their flagship roofing service, meaning you can have confidence in the team installing your new roof. They are reliable and don’t cut corners.

LP Roofing has some excellent feedback from clients who appreciate the installation service; it is neat, affordable, simple, and clean. Partner with LP Roofing from the start, and they will also advise you on the best-pitched roof from your property and usage. LP Roofing goes on the journey with you and cares about the end result.

Additionally, LP Roofing will maintain the roof for you if it needs repairs or upgrades. LP Roofing has a full range of roofing services in the areas it covers and can support your roof throughout its lifecycle. There’s no need to search elsewhere; LP Roofing is a safe pair of hands.