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Roof Repairs Luton

Roof Repairs & Maintenance Luton

Our repairs include

LP Roofing Services is a roofing company based in Luton, Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, and the Greater London area. It has served these areas and more for over twelve years and has developed a reputation for high-quality work and excellent prices.

Roofline repairs in luton

Leaking guttering

These cause problems in your drainage systems and affect the lifespan of your gutters. LP Roofing can fix them up for you and provide general maintenance.

roof maintenance luton

Loose downpipes

Downpipes often loosen on homes following extreme or adverse weather. LP Roofing can repair the problem and help guard against future issues.

roof maintenance company in luton

Blocked hoppers

These are the mechanisms at the top of your downpipes that regulate the flow of water, they can be faulty and lead to water damage issues. Have them repaired with LP Roofing.

roofing repair experts in luton

Fascia and soffit

These are responsible for holding the gutter and downpipe and can start to rot from a leaking gutter or a lack of maintenance, They are often an overlooked aspect of the roof but require regular maintenance and treatment.

roof tile replacement luton

Tile replacements

Tiles fall off for many reasons, it can be the result of adverse weather, or tree damage when a branch falls on the roof. LP Roofing provides an excellent repair and replacement service.

stone tile repairs luton

Stone tile repairs

Stone tiles are expensive and hard to repair and replace when faulty, LP Roofing provides a professional service that fixes holes, cracks, and replaces broken tiles where required.

roof slate replacement

Slate replacements

Equally, slates can be damaged or fall off due to adverse weather and pose a risk to the integrity of your home. LP Roofing will repair your broken tiles or replace them.

roof leak repairs

Roof leak repairs

It’s important to have your roof leak repairs carried out promptly as water can get into the property and cause electric damage. Don’t neglect roof leaks.

flat roof repairs

Flat roof repairs

Flat roofs tend to need a little more maintenance than pitched roofs. LP Roofing offers fixes that are flexible and resilient.

roof repairs
roofing felt and batten repairs

Felt and batten repairs

Batten on the roof acts as a fixing point for roof tiles and other roofing materials; felt is also a base roof material. These can be damaged by strong winds and need repairing from time to time.

roof repair company
roof repairs luton

Why use LP Roofing Services

LP Roofing prides itself on excellence and only uses the most professional workers and the highest grade materials. But this isn’t always reflected in the price.

As well as exceptional roofing services, LP Roofing also provides a range of other services for your property. These include guttering, plumbing, chimneys, solar panels, fascias, and various repairs and maintenance services, as listed above. Whether it is a damaged roof as a result of extreme weather or repairs needed due to age-related deterioration, LP Services can offer the same levels of service, professionalism, and price.

LP Roofing Services is an independent and local roofing company that you won’t want to miss. There is also little need to look elsewhere, as we offer a full suite of roofing installation and repair services and related services. If you want more information about roofing solutions or related repairs and maintenance, contact LP Roofing; it; LP today for a competitive quote.